“Awakening to Oneness”

Date : 1 December 2013
Organized by :The World Community for Christian Meditation Malaysia and Nur Damai & Sahabat Ruah.

On 1 December 2013, I was invited as one of speaker in a programme which called as Awakening to Oneness. This program is day of interfaith, meditation and reflection organised by The World Community for Christian Meditation Malaysia in collaboration with Nur Damai & Sahabat Ruah. An event of live experience where unity prevail among all religious souls. There is no propagation of theology nor doctrine nor dogmas. Am event not for conversion but for inversion to seek the God within all living souls. It also aimed at fostering spiritual understanding and friendship among people from different religious traditions. In this event, i had spoken about the depth relationship between nature and human and how are we connected to each other. I also try to focused on how we were really converted into materials world until we had forgotten all things sorrounds us that are always support our life everday and i also reflects that there is nothing wrong to learn our traditional teaching even we are Christian, Buddha, Islam and Hindu. I can see that this event is a journey to the centre of our being where we connect with others at a depth level, beyond surface differences and it must takes genuine openness of heart to perceive the truth from the perspective of another faith tradition.. Only by such openness do we awaken to a consciousness of our profound oneness in the ultimate, eternal, all embracong, shining reality some call “Great Spirit”. Therefore, i think that this event is a platform for peace and to promote interreligious among people especially in Malaysia.

You can listen to our sharing in this youtube link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXEY7_5oyGI&feature=em-share_video

Some pictures for this event:

Interfaith day 3Interfaith day 4


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